About Us

We are a community of film-makers. Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Actors of different batches come together for academic and personal film projects. Students collaborate with each other and work professionally in the market. Students take full benefit of the space and resources of the centre. We also have active WhatsApp and Facebook groups, where all the students from the first batch to current are added and actively interact regarding films. Our centre has produced more than 350 film-makers, who are currently working in the film industry in various capacities. The training is focused in making the student a film-maker, who makes films. Our students’ films are regularly selected in film festivals and online streaming platforms. We and our students are a team committed to the core process of film-making. Also, only film-makers become faculty



  • We shall develop future media to play the role of a Social Engineer to perfection.
  • We believe in the immense power of and the positive role mass media can play in nation building and social transformation.
  • We shall empower ‘generation next’ with the right knowledge and training, to shoulder this responsibility in a more conscious, determined and responsible manner.



we will provide a strong platform to train and nurture our next generations for the upcoming invasions and challenges in our skies. we shall maintain its high reputation of Academic Excellence along with creating Creative, Technical and Professional Excellence in Media.